Easter Custom Stickers

Chocolate-Easter-Bunny-Easter-eggsEaster is right around the corner, and soon the Easter Bunny will be making his rounds. He likes to leave his footprints for all little girls and boys to follow towards the hidden treats he leaves. With eggs under leaves, or maybe wedged between some branches, the yard will soon fill with the screams of glee as children find their treasures and put them in baskets. Sweet treats are a common prize for the hard work your kids put in finding them, but what if this year, the Easter Bunny wanted to give the kids something else as well; something that wouldn’t just disappear the next day into greedy little mouths? The perfect solution is to give them stickers! They can use them to decorate school books, game machines, or anything else they can think of, and keep them as a reminder that the Easter Bunny visited them. If you want some custom made stickers to make your Easter extra special, look no further than The Art of Stickers. We will make you any Easter themed stickers you want, and ship them to your door in time for the hunting to start. Simply email us the design, sizing and any extra information to sales@stickerart.com.au to get your order going.

Large Format Printing


Large format printing (also known as wide format printing) has been dubbed one of the most popular up and coming revolutions in graphic technology. This innovative technology, as the name suggests, allows for products to be made on a much larger scale. Printers capable of printing on media with a width of between 45 centimeters and 2.5 meters are dubbed wide format printers, whilst a printers able to exceed 2.5 metres in printable width gain the classification of super-wide, or grand format. The technology to create prints of such sizes is quickly becoming more readily available as the technology progresses to become more efficient whilst still maintaining the same level of quality. Not only has progress been made in the size of printing recently, but also in the range of different inks available. These include Aqueous, water based inks, and Solvent, petroleum based inks, with the new-comer, Eco-Solve which is glycol ester based to be more friendly to the environment like Aqueous, whilst offering the waterproof result that Solvent inks provide. Why mention any of this? Well, at The Art of Stickers we offer large format printing up to 160 centimeters wide, and even larger in length, using the brilliantly crafted Eco-Solve inks that come in nine different colours, all with our state of the art Roland Soljet Pro4 XR-640 printer/cutter. We use this printer knowing we wanted to offer a broader range of services as well as cater to the ever growing demand for larger, and better quality prints. So when you order through us, know you’re getting some of the best quality printed products out there.

Custom Vinyl Cut Sticker and Decal Colours

Custom-Vinyl-Cut-Stickers-decals-coloursVinyl is an amazing product that comes in a multitude of colours, thicknesses, and types. This means that it’s easy to supply you with any decal to suit your needs. There are so many colours to choose from. Not only do we have all the colours of the rainbow, and more, but we have various shades of each colour, with the option to request a specific colour as well. If that doesn’t make your head spin, we also provide metallic, and shiny metallic, varieties in gold and silver. With all these to choose from, the one thing you can be sure of is that The Art of Stickers has your needs covered, so get over to http://www.stickerart.com.au/info_pages.php?pages_id=28 and let us know your design and what colour you want it in!

April Fool’s Day Custom Stickers

Custom-Vinyl-Cut-Sticker-April-fool'sApril Fool’s day is the one day set aside each year to give your friends a fright, and make them suffer a little, as well as get back at them for all the tormenting they may have done over the previous year. Get your rubber chickens and whoopee cushions ready because it’s here again, so make sure you’re prepared for the best pranking day of the year, both to prank, and protect yourself from the ill intentions of others. Of course there’s always that one person who thinks of the most brilliant, and intricate, prank ever thought of. When your prank calls for any kind of signage or stickers, you know you can always count on The Art of Stickers to lend a hand. All you have to do is send your design as well as information such as the type of sticker you want, and sizing, to sales@stickerart.com.au and we can send you a quote then produce, and send them straight to your door. Remember, keep your friends close, but they’re probably going to try something so make sure you get them first.

Laser Cut Signage


There are many different types of materials that can be used in signage, and whatever the material, you will always have your own custom sizing and shape. This is where laser cutting comes in as it is the most effective way to get signage materials to fit your unique design. This process can be used on a variety of materials including plastic, acrylic and wood. Luckily, The Art of Stickers offers laser cutting services so you don’t have to go far for any signage needs.  Just send us an email at sales@stickerart.com.au information such as sizing and any reference material for design, and we’ll send you a quote, ready to fill your order.Laser-Cut-Acrylic-Signage.

Custom Printed Signage


Now, don’t let the name fool you; just because we’re The Art of Stickers, doesn’t mean that’s all we do. We can supply you with a variety of signage, ranging from posters to banners, even pull up banners. we can print your signage and apply it to materials such as acrylic, aluminium composite panels, and corflute. We can even make magnetic signs for your car, apply vinyl decal signage directly to your car, and make custom business whiteboard layouts. Whatever your signage needs, you can relax knowing The Art of Stickers can handle it and provide you with great quality products. All you need to do is send us an email at sales@stickerart.com.au with information on what you want, we’ll send you a quote and you’ll have your signage quick and easy. So if you need any signage for your business, just let us know.

Custom-Printed Signage-corflute-pull-up-banner

Custom Sticker Orders

As you know, here at The Art of Stickers, we offer our services to provide you with the sticker you need. Every order that we fill is received electronically so that we have all the information we need to work out a quote as fast as possible. This also keeps the information close at hand throughout the production process. We often receive phone calls for over-the-phone quotes. This makes things difficult, as the information you provide may not encompass all areas of information we need to provide a sound quote. Calculating quote costs is an extensive process that cannot be done in a matter of seconds, especially without any images to see what we’re dealing with. Also, there is often  a queue of customers asking for quotes before we receive your call. This would simply mean jumping the queue, which is unfair to other customers. We implore you to ask for quotes via email or our Custom Request forms listed below.

Custom Printed Stickers: http://www.stickerart.com.au/info_pages.php?pages_id=27
Custom Vinyl Cut Stickers: http://www.stickerart.com.au/info_pages.php?pages_id=28
Email: sales@stickerart.com.au

Custom Printed Sticker Laminates and Samples


When you order printed stickers, you always have a choice of laminated, or unlaminated, as well as different kinds of printable vinyl. The choices don’t stop there, however, with two laminate types to choose from. You may decide you want a normal glossy sticker, and get normal laminate, but for those looking for a little less shine, we provide matte laminate as an option. With printable vinyls, depending on your needs, you may want white vinyl, which gives solid prints, clear vinyl to have a more see through sticker, or static cling for a more short term display that will be moved around to reduce excess hassle during removal. It may be hard to make a decision with so many choices, but we have a solution to that in the form of samples. This way you can see which look you like best, as well as checking if the durability suits your needs. If you really want to know which combination is best for you, you can always drop us an email at sales@stickerart.com.au to request any samples you’re interested in and we’ll send them out to you.

Custom Printed Sticker Sheets

Custom-Printed-Stickers-SheetsIf you order a large number of very small stickers, it’s more than likely you’ll get them sent to you on sheet. Why would we do this? We get a lot of orders in every day, and each order uses man power, as well as machine power, to get your stickers ready for you. Some of the recent orders we’ve received for small stickers have been for amounts of up to 2,000 stickers, and have gotten down to sizes of less than one centimeter squares. I don’t think anyone wants to deal with any large number of singly cut stickers that small. By supplying smaller stickers on sheets, we make it easier for both us, and the customer; we don’t have to put in more time, which would raise costs, and neither us, nor the customer, have to deal with such tiny pieces of paper. It’s a win-win situation.  So if you need any stickers of a small size, we can produce and supply them for you, on sheets of course.

Custom Vinyl Cut Stickers with Layering




Layering is service we offer here at The Art of Stickers, but “What does layering mean?” we hear you ask. Layering is exactly as the word suggests; multiple different coloured vinyl cuts placed on top of one another to create a single image. Once all the pieces come together, they create a more unique and interesting design than just a single colour decal, and sometimes at a lower cost than printing the design. However, layering doesn’t work for all designs, such as ones with lots of small lettering, or more than two to three colours, and is, generally, more likely to be used for adding a border to a current design. An example of a recent sticker we made using the layering technique is this custom cut banner decal . There are three colours to this design; shiny gold metallic, black, and white, and the final product looks just amazing once applied. You never know what kind of decal you could come up with that uses layering, but don’t forget that your friendly Stickerart store will be happy to make it just for you.