Signage Stickers for VK Commodore Rally Car

We recently supplied and applied stickers and decals to a Holden VK Commodore Rally Car for Jamie Macfarlane.  The car was painted by Pro Street Paint & Panel in the colours of the Marlboro VK Commodore raced by Peter Brock and Larry Perkins however the signage and stickers reflect the companies that have sponsored the car.

We produced these sticker using 3M brand cast vinyl made specifically for these types of applications where the vinyl needs to conform to areas where it will be stretched considerably.

Introduction Video – The Art of Stickers

This is the first video we’ve made for The Art of Stickers, we aim to make more once the new the website is up and running by the end of the year.  This one is a trial to understand the process of bringing the different elements together and we aim to produce everything from the music to the video – it will be 100% pure  We will include how to install video and videos of how we create and make stickers.
Peter from BlueCrystal Creative helped me with this and showed me the traps in his awesome sound and video studio. He also did the voice over and has that voiceover type of voice. Check them out at

Vinyl Car Stripes


1974 Mini Minor with Red Stripes

Our excellent range of vinyl striping to spruce up your car and give it that racing look and feel.  Our stripes come in a range of colours and sizes and will look fantastic on new and old cars alike.  Made with premium cast vinyl manufactured in Europe, the stripes will conform to complex curves and stay down without lifting.

With stripes from 6mm up to 150mm supplied on rolls, easy to apply, have a paint like finish and with over 35 colours to choose from, there’s sure to be a stripe that will fit your taste and suit your vehicle.

You can check our great range of striping for cars by Clicking Here

Reproduction Stickers and Decals


Reproduction Stickers

We reproduce many different types of stickers and decals and have the ability to copy existing designs from photos and scans.  With our system we reproduce quality stickers that look as good and better than the originals, they are last lasting and made specially for outdoors and work just as well indoors.

The stickers shown here are for a 1:5th scale model car and stickers where mailed out to customer for self application.  These stickers are also suitable as full scale stickers and the same process we use to produce these stickers is the same process we use to produce commercial signage – you can be sure these stickers will last for years and years.

We can reproduce stickers to most sizes and with our 8 colour printer can produce a huge array of colours.

For reproduction stickers please contact us at

Small Custom Sign


Aluminum Composite Material Signage

This sign is made from a material called aluminum composite material, abbreviated to ACM panel and sometimes called Alupanel which is a brand name that has found its way as a common name for the material.

ACM panel is excellent for many different types of signs and can be made in many sizes including large scale signage.  It is lightweight which makes it easy to install and the sheets are rigid which makes them easy to stack and transport.

We can print full colour or do simple lettering as shown which make these signs stand out.  They can be screwed or glued to the surface they are being applied to and because they are light, they make wonderful signs that can be transported around.

Use this type of signage for anything from displaying the name of your home kitchen to large scale corporate signage that will be seen from great distances.

For Aluminum Composite Material Signage, Contact us at or on 07 3122 4417


Fuel Safety Stickers


Fuel safety Stickers

These fuel safety stickers we made for a local council to indicate the various types and the colour of fuel containers.  When safety is paramount, stickers do an excellent job and in emergency situations when focus may not be 100%, stickers like these can help identify potential hazards.  Stickers have and will save lives and are a cost effective way to label most items to quickly identify what they contain and how they need to be handled.

We can custom make safety stickers to suit most applications and by using custom artwork we can add such things as company logos, sequential numbering and lettering. Our stickers are extremely good quality and will last for years outside in Australian conditions.  We can ship large or small stickers, one off or thousands of stickers to anywhere in Australia.

We believe in service and offer the best help we can give to achieve the right product and design you require and although we aren’t graphic designers ourselves, we can do the basics or work with your designers to produce the type of design you require.

Our stickers work great over a variety of conditions indoors and outdoors, hot and cold. If you would like a sample of our stickers to test please send us an email at with your company details and postal address.

If it’s business you can give us, then we want your business. For inquiries about Safety Stickers please email or call 07 3122 4417.  We also have many pre-made design that can be purchased directly from the website or customised to suit your needs. Please click here to see the pre-made Safety Stickers.

We also make these stickers as signs and supply on different substrates such as corflute, aluminium composite material and metal

We ship all over Australia.

Custom Sugar Skull Sticker for Motorbike Tank

custom-sugar-skull-day-of-the-dead-sticker-for-motorbike-fuel-tankOur Sugar Skull sticker and decal designs have been popular, this picture shows one of the designs that we customise for a customers motorbike which is placed on the fuel tank.  This sticker is finished with a matte laminate and contoured cut around the design to create a visual effective sticker.  We have many skull sugar stickers to choose from which can been seen by clicking here.   All are contoured cut to create maximum visual effect of the designs.

All our stickers are made with materials manufactured in North America or Europe which makes sure that all our stickers will last for years without failing, from the vibrant printwork and strong long lasting colours to the vinyl that is printed on to, The Art of Stickers stickers are the best stickers to stick on things that need stickers stuck on them.

We have a range of sizes available and these Sugar Skull stickers and decals will suit a range of items that need decorating, we can customise and size to suit where you want to put the sticker.

Our stickers are made as ordered and just like good fresh food our stickers are fresh, nourishing and wholesome – bring your brain online to decorate your worldly stuff – buy Sugar Skull Stickers and Decals.

Reproduction Ford Dealership Stickers


Reproduction Car Dealership Stickers

A customer requested that a sticker be reproduced to look like the original when the car was first sold by the car dealership back in the 1980’s, he will be entering the car in shows where it will be judged for authenticity of its original state when it was first sold.

The customer lives in South Australia and emailed a picture of the original sticker, we traced it on the computer using Adobe Illustrator and reproduced the artwork as high quality scalable artwork which produces crisp and defined print.

After completing the artwork we printed the design onto clear vinyl and laminated over it.  The print and clear vinyl was then mounted on chrome vinyl and cut to individual stickers.  The original stickers would have been screen printed with blue ink directly onto chrome foil, these days it would be expensive to screen print a small quantity and modern digital printing with it’s well suited outdoor inks are suitable and cost effective to reproduce these types of stickers.

Contact us at or Click Here to inquire about our Custom Printed Stickers 

Colour and Decorate your Stuff with Stickers


Sticker your Guitar Case with Stickers from The Art of Stickers

Stickers are a great and fun way to decorate your stuff, to move away from the plain looks of everyday items and to customise and individualise to your special uniqueness, we custom make stickers to suit your needs and our process for manufacturing stickers creates beautiful long lasting vibrant stickers that will grab the attention of passerbys.

We custom make just about any design or picture you may have and make from a tiny little size up to gigantic proportions that will jump out and smack people in the face.  The possibilities to decorate with stickers is endless, whatever your flavor is there is a sticker for you which we can make.  Bring your imagination out into the world.

Contact us at or Click Here to make a custom sticker inquiry.


I try to decorate my imagination as much as I can.
– Franz Schubert (Composer)

Interior Wall Vinyl for Custom Stickers


Custom Interior Wall Stickers

We produce stickers that are made from a special vinyl made especially for interior acrylic painted walls, this vinyl won’t damage the paint and can be used on most acrylic paints however some paints may contain teflon and other additives which are designed to make cleaning the painted surface easier by repelling any dirt or marks that will soil the surface – these additives can also compromise the adhesive of our wall stickers and we recommend that you request a sample to test before purchasing.

These wall stickers are great as they are cut out from solid colour vinyl rolls, this means that there is no background which makes the sticker look like it has been printed or painted directly onto the wall, we can produce in many different colours and all colours have a satin/matte finish to minimise reflection from nearby lighting.

From large multi-coloured graphics to small lettering, we can cover a range of applications whether it is for commercial or domestic use.  These stickers are elegant, long lasting and when the time comes to remove them from the wall, it can be done easily without leaving residue or damaging the paint.

Have your own quotes or designs on your walls or find a custom design you like, we can reproduce many different types of graphics from pictures that are sent to us and we also print full colour onto special interior wall vinyl which makes what we can do to decorate interior walls endless.

For Interior Wall Vinyl Custom Stickers contact us at with your request.