Customised Whiteboards


We’ve just completed these two customised whiteboards for a hospital here in Queensland.  We have been supplying whiteboards to hospitals over the years.  Hospital staff find these types of customised whiteboards extremely helpful in organising the constant flow of information that they need to keep organised. 
We can make many customisations for whiteboards to suit the needs of a particular application, from small home businesses to large corporations, these whiteboards are a quick, easy and efficient way to deal with information that requires to be displayed visually an prominently.

We can supply whiteboards with simple gridlines and headings to printed full colour graphics and photos, this system has a special coating that allows whiteboard markers to be used over the printed graphics and photos.  We can supply custom magnets to suit and other accessories such as file holders and hooks.

For customised whiteboards, please contact us at or fill out the forms at

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Safety Stickers – Brisbane


This sticker is fitted to a Brisbane City Council truck that is set up to do road maintenance.  We fitted a few stickers around it and all were custom made to suit this vehicle.  We can make many different types of custom stickers to suit the specific application you have.  Please contact us at

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Stickers for Integr8


Custom sticker for Integr8 in Underwood, Brisbane. These sticker are laminated and will be cut to individual stickers. For custom sticker for commercial or personal applications, please contact us at

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Custom Labels/Stickers for Elke’s Oils

Custom Label/Sticker for Elke's OilsThese custom labels for Elke’s Oils will be applied to small plastic bottles which will contain shampoo. These labels are printed onto vinyl and laminated with a gloss vinyl and are great for use in wet areas, the labels won’t be affected at all by water or moisture. Contact us for quality labels and sticker at

Custom Stickers, Labels and Decals – Always Expect Great Quality

We make custom stickers with no minimums and custom shapes to suit your needs. Our custom stickers are printed using the latest in high quality eco-sol inks and are printed onto premium vinyl to make sure your stickers appeal is visually maximised and the longevity will keep this visual appeal for years to come. With the process we use to create the stickers, our stickers will outlast other similar produced stickers.


From small labels to large format signage, our stickers suit a range of applications whether it be personal or commercial and we can work with you to meet the results that you need.  After 11 years in business, our stickers have been sent all over Australia and the world. We have made stickers, labels and decals for many thousands of customers, many of which we have retained for years.

Because we only use good quality materials, inks and systems, our regular customers know when to expect and trust us to supply the right product.


Contact us today for your sticker and label needs: Logo Sticker

New – 80 designs of Australian State and City Shields

Australian Golden WattleCheck out our new range of Australian City and State shields, we have added 80 designs and available in a range of sizes.  A great way to display on your car, caravan, truck or any vehicle, case and anything that moves around – to the places that you’ve been to around Australia.

These stickers are made as ordered and from great quality self adhesive vinyl that will last years and years outdoors and in Australia’s harsh outdoor conditions. We go the extra distance and laminate these digital printed stickers to make sure they get the greatest longevity and the best possible look. Our printing equipment is the latest on the market and can print most designs exactly as shown on a screen.





If we don’t have what you require, we can custom make it for you.

Check the shields out here:

80 Designs of Australian City and State Shields

Vinyl Cut Stickers


Our vinyl cut stickers are still extremely popular as ever even in this age of full colour digital printing and with all sorts of effects being able to be printed these types of stickers still have great demand. Pictured here are a few different designs that will be taped over with application tape and cut to individual stickers. Because the sticker is all cut, each element of the design becomes an individual piece, application tape is applied over the stickers after cutting to make installing the stickers easy to apply by keeping the spacing correct when applying, once applied the application tape is removed leaving just the sticker pieces in their correct positions. Nothing can beat the simplicity of vinyl cut stickers and the definition the cut edges create, they are the closest type of sticker to resemble solid paint and available in a wide variety of colours and are aesthetically pleasing in the right applications.
We can custom make vinyl cut stickers to suit your applications or you can purchase directly from our website, we have thousands of designs available. We can also copy designs if you have images that you wish to turn into stickers. Contact us for Custom vinyl stickers.

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Matte Laminated Stickers/Labels


These stickers are 30mm x 7mm, printed onto white vinyl and laminated with matte clear laminate. Our high-quality large format printer can print a range of sizes on different types of materials at a high accuracy with fine print, our finishing equipment ensures stickers are accurately cut to clients specifications.
Contact us today for your custom sticker needs.

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Custom Whiteboards for Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Ward Rooms

Custom White for Hospital's NICUWe recently were given the opportunity to produce these whiteboards for the Centenary Hospital in Canberra, Australia. We source the whiteboards from a local manufacturer in Brisbane and we then produce the graphics based on the customers requirements. Once the artwork is approved we print the graphic onto a high quality cast self adhesive vinyl which is laminated with a special dry erase vinyl and allows whiteboard markers to be used – with correct care these graphics will last a considerable amount of time. The boards themselves are commercial grade whiteboards and will last a lifetime. The graphic can easily be replaced when required.
Contact us for your custom whiteboard needs.

Printed and Cut – Backgroundless Stickers


These stickers have been printed, laminated and then cut to leave just the logo and lettering with no background. A highly effective and aesthetically pleasing way to make logos and lettering where colour and presentation is important.
These stickers will have an application tape applied over them to keep all elements of the sticker pre-spaced when installing, once installed the application tape is removed leaving just the sticker.
Contact us for your sticker and signage needs.

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