Quality Pinstripe Vinyl Tape Rolls for Automotive – Business – Commercial – Home Applications

We only sell premium quality pinstriping tape

We only sell premium quality pinstriping tape

Our quality pinstriping tape is made from European vinyl that is produced from premium materials.  It rated to 10 years outdoors and looks excellent on all types of applications from aircraft to bicycles to whiteboards.

Our pinstripe isn’t the cheap stuff that fails within a few months and is designed to be used outdoors and indoors, some of the applications it can be used for are:

  • Trucks
  • Aircraft
  • Utes
  • Vans
  • Boats
  • Caravans
  • Whiteboards
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Glass
  • Shopfronts
  • Interior Displays
  • Any area that needs to get a stripey

We have a good range of colour and size combinations with sizes ranging from 3mm wide up to 150mm, these pinstripes are supplied on rolls and have an application tape applied over the stripe to assist with the application of the pinstripe.  Made from premium cast vinyl, these stripes can conform to various curves and compounds, the thinner stripes can be curved to create arcs as the premium cast vinyl  has properties to assist in this type of conforming, cheaper pinstriping will want to get back to it’s original form causing failure at curves and compounds.

Colours Available in following colours (Also Metallics):

Our striping is available in the following sizes:

 Purchase this pinstriping directly from our website for an easy and hassle free experience.

Custom Plant Tracking Whiteboards for Leighton Contractors


Customized Whiteboards fro Leighton Contractors


Customised Plant Tracking Whiteboard

We supplied Leighton Contractors with these Customised Plant Tracking Whiteboards.  Whiteboards are a great way to keep track of information that require a number of staff to view the information or if the information needs to be quickly viewed and accessible.  Whiteboards will make a business more efficient and will help increase productivity.


We make whiteboards to custom sizes and include full colour graphics and pictures as well as grid lines as required, we work with our clients to produce artwork that is most suitable for their application.  These whiteboards are available with clips, corkboard area and custom magnets and if you have an idea we’ll do our best to apply it.

Our custom made boards are Australian Made here in Brisbane and have a high quality surface however when we customise whiteboards, we apply a sticker over the surface, the sticker has a special coating that allows whiteboard markers to be used and with special care will last for years.  The sticker can be removed to revert the whiteboard to a standard whiteboard or a new sticker can be resupplied at any time.  If you have an existing whiteboard we can supply just the sticker.

To inquire about about custom whiteboards please visit www.stickerart.com.au/custom-whiteboards

We ship whiteboards to anywhere in Australia.

Custom Stickers for UNSW Australia

Custom Printed Stickers for UNSW Australia

Custom Printed Stickers for UNSW Australia

We supplied UNSW Australia with these custom stickers of their logo.  Made with premium quality materials and contour cut with rounded corners, these stickers will last for years in Australia’s outdoor environment.

Stickers are an excellent way to distribute your brand and cost effective per unit when the number of potential impressions are taken into consideration.

To inquire about custom printed stickers, please click here or email us at sales@stickerart.com.au

Stickers for St.George Bank


Custom Printed and Contour Cut Laminated Printed Stickers for St Georges Bank

These stickers we supplied to St George Bank.  They are printed and cut to individual elements of the design which means there is no background at all – this sticker is actually made up of several individual stickers to form the final design.
We will apply an application tape over the design which will keep all the individual elements of the sticker together that ensures all the spacing between the individual stickers is correct and aids with the application of the sticker.  Once applied the application tape is removed leaving just the individual stickers giving a professional and appealing look.
These stickers will be applied to eskies that the bank will use in their marketing and promotions departments.

Outdoor Reflective Magnetic Machinery Signs


Reflective Outdoor Magnetic Signs for use on Machinery

We make magnetic signs that are suitable for outdoor machinery and vehicles.  Made with a thick 0.8mm magnetic material, our magnetic signs have powerful adhesion to ensure they don’t come off in the most adverse conditions in Australia.

The magnetic sign pictured is a custom magnet we made for a customer to use on machinery.  The design has provision to allow a whiteboard marker to be used to write information specific to the machinery the magnet will be used on.  The magnet is a reflective yellow  with black print and is visible night and day to allow for maximum safety.

We make custom magnetic signs to specification and we only use quality materials and systems to produce these lasting and portable signs.

Contact The Art of Stickers for your custom magnetic signs.

Turn something into an advertising sign


Wheelie Bin Advertising

Are there items around the office or workshop that can be used for advertising or displaying information? Items such as bins and cabinets are excellent areas to use and we’ll make stickers that will stick to most of these types of surfaces.  We can customise the stickers to suit the item and add areas that can be written on with whiteboard markers or chalk.

These stickers also brighten up places as well as being informative.  With stickers you can transform dull items into pieces of art, advertising and functional signage.

Please contact us at sales@stickerart.com.au for advertising stickers

Stickers for Queensland Ambulance Service


Stickers for Queensland Ambulance Service

We have produced many thousands of these stickers over the months for Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), they fit the stickers to various equipment and areas where staff work.

Our premium grade stickers are excellent for displaying information where needed and we custom make the size and design as you need.  Our stickers use inks that are UV stable and will last years outdoors exposed to the elements, they are also great to use indoors and will last a lifetime.  We take pride and care in producing quality stickers and we look forward working with customers that need this type of quality.

For your custom sticker needs please contact us at sales@stickerart.com.au

Signage Stickers for VK Commodore Rally Car

We recently supplied and applied stickers and decals to a Holden VK Commodore Rally Car for Jamie Macfarlane.  The car was painted by Pro Street Paint & Panel in the colours of the Marlboro VK Commodore raced by Peter Brock and Larry Perkins however the signage and stickers reflect the companies that have sponsored the car.

We produced these sticker using 3M brand cast vinyl made specifically for these types of applications where the vinyl needs to conform to areas where it will be stretched considerably.

Introduction Video – The Art of Stickers

This is the first video we’ve made for The Art of Stickers, we aim to make more once the new the website is up and running by the end of the year.  This one is a trial to understand the process of bringing the different elements together and we aim to produce everything from the music to the video – it will be 100% pure stickerart.com.au.  We will include how to install video and videos of how we create and make stickers.
Peter from BlueCrystal Creative helped me with this and showed me the traps in his awesome sound and video studio. He also did the voice over and has that voiceover type of voice. Check them out at www.bluecrystalcreative.com

Vinyl Car Stripes


1974 Mini Minor with Red Stripes

Our excellent range of vinyl striping to spruce up your car and give it that racing look and feel.  Our stripes come in a range of colours and sizes and will look fantastic on new and old cars alike.  Made with premium cast vinyl manufactured in Europe, the stripes will conform to complex curves and stay down without lifting.

With stripes from 6mm up to 150mm supplied on rolls, easy to apply, have a paint like finish and with over 35 colours to choose from, there’s sure to be a stripe that will fit your taste and suit your vehicle.

You can check our great range of striping for cars by Clicking Here