Custom WhiteBoards

Custom Whiteboards for Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Ward Rooms

Custom White for Hospital's NICUWe recently were given the opportunity to produce these whiteboards for the Centenary Hospital in Canberra, Australia. We source the whiteboards from a local manufacturer in Brisbane and we then produce the graphics based on the customers requirements. Once the artwork is approved we print the graphic onto a high quality cast self adhesive vinyl which is laminated with a special dry erase vinyl and allows whiteboard markers to be used – with correct care these graphics will last a considerable amount of time. The boards themselves are commercial grade whiteboards and will last a lifetime. The graphic can easily be replaced when required.
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Perpetual Whiteboard Office Calendar


We made this perpetual Whiteboard calendar using a 1800mm x 1200mm whiteboard. The gridlines are cut from black vinyl using a vinyl cutting machine, this ensures the lines are accurate and have consistent spacing and is more visually appealing as there are no joins. The months and day numbers are magnets which can be moved to suit the time and month of the year meaning that this whiteboard calendar will never expires. Great from many office and business applications and a great visual element to help stay organised. We can custom make your board to suit your needs and can include full colour logos and graphics. Boards can also be made to custom sizes.

Stickerart Super Secret Message

When you’re working all day at an arty sticker place, it’s easy to find inspiration that makes your job fun! This grid was having the excess vinyl removed (also called weeding) and was done to spell out a secret message. Can you guess what it is?


Whiteboards with Custom Grid


We make a range of different whiteboards with custom grid and graphics as required.  We also have made up custom sized whiteboards that will suit your needs.  This board is 580mm x 480mm and has a basic grid applied.   Whiteboards are a great way to organise information in a quick and visual way that can be easily modified as required.

Our printing process also can be applied to these whiteboards, by printing and covering the print with a special dry erase film, full colour and graphical images can be applied and written over.  This process makes a excellent looking whiteboard.

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Custom Whiteboards Help Organise and Share Your Information Visually

We make a variety of customisations for whiteboards, from simple grid lines to full colour graphics that can be written over with whiteboard markers, we can make what you need to help organise your information in a visual sharing way. We can supply the graphics to apply to your own board or we can supply the complete whiteboard and graphics.

From small one person workshops to large corporations to retail shops, whiteboards are a great way to advertise, organise and share information. There are many benefits having a whiteboard that is organised itself as it will be more motivating to use it.

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We recently had a client that require boards that displayed information important to their business, we made 3 boards which are installed at separate sites. The boards will help the company progress by keeping employees informed with important information they require to maintain their jobs.

Customised Whiteboards – Graphics | Grids | Lettering | Magnets

We’ve gotten pretty good at customising whiteboards. We can print grids, logos and graphics to make a complete and functional board that also acts as a sign.

Let us help you get organised with our custom-made whiteboards. If you need a whiteboard that you can adhere magnets to,  we can get these custom made to the size you need as well. Our custom magnetic whiteboards are made here in Brisbane and from quality materials that will give the whiteboard years if not decades of service. The great thing about our customisations is that we don’t sacrifice the board with laser etching and other methods of putting grids and lettering on whiteboards which is permanent, our customisations are done with stickers which won’t damage the board and can be removed, replaced and are durable. We can make custom magnets to suit your board whether it’s simple lettering like a person’s name for example or a more complex graphic or chart, we can also cover the magnets in a special film called Dry Erase Vinyl which resists whiteboard board pens from marking it, this is useful for information that constantly changes and instead of having many magnets with different information, we can help bring that down to just a few that you can change the information on with a whiteboard pen. Our magnetic material is supplied on Rolls at 600mm Wide and we can make whiteboard magnets up to a 2500mm which can become a whiteboard itself and is great for placing over an existing whiteboard to cover previous information without erasing it.

Give us a go and we’ll give it a go for you, if we can’t then we’ll try to recommend someone who can.

You can supply your idea in any format that works for you, it is easier for us if we get some sort of visual for you layout. You can supply a picture of a hand drawn sketch, as a spreadsheet file, word document, eps, pdf, ai files

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Acrylic Whiteboard for Mater Hospital


This picture shows an acrylic Whiteboard that we recently made for the Mater Hospital. Using full colour digital printing we have printed and applied vinyl to the back side of the acrylic, it has then been laser cut to shape including holes to mount the board. This creates an very effective and functional board which is also very pleasing to the eye. Contact us today for your custom whiteboard needs.

Custom Borderless Acrylic Whiteboards

custom-whiteboard-signs-acrylic-laser-cut-customerWow what a day in the studio today. Among today’s jobs we have these Frameless Acrylic Whiteboard Signs. Perfect for organising information in a neat and tidy way!!!
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Mater Hospital Custom White Board for Ward 10B

Recently we have had the opportunity to provide the Mater Hospital with a range of White Boards for their wards.

The material and process used to create these are as follows:

First of all we digitally print the White Board layout on white digital vinyl, it is then left to dry and then a layer of Dry Erase is applied.  Once this process is achieved it is then applied to the surface in which is going to be the White Board area itself.

You are probably wondering - what is Dry Erase? Dry Erase is a material that is used specifically for White Boards.  It can be used transparently to make a generally smooth surface area a White Board. It can also be applied to a digitally printed vinyl that has been custom printed to create this item.

Looking after your White Board:
All White Boards should be used with good quality White Board markers. Using these they will make the White Board itself last longer and avoid any staining that it may incur on the White Board or Dry Erase when a cheap White Board markers are used. Other than this, your White Board will last you for many years to come.

The Art of Stickers manufacture White Boards to a high quality standard to ensure the customer has a good quality product to last. For more information on how we can custom make a White Board to suit your requirements please click here.

Here is the latest White Board – it made using digitally printed vinyl and Dry Erase.




Laser Cut Acrylic with Custom Sticker Safety Boards

A customer of ours needed small safety boards with the ability to write the amount of days that have passed without any lost time due to injuries. We offered the solution of custom printing a sticker in reverse and then applying it to  laser cut 6mm clear acrylic, the custom sticker was applied to the back of the laser cut 6mm clear acrylic so whiteboard markers can be used on the front to mark the days passed. By combining digital printing and laser cutting we can create unique solutions and signs for all types of commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. If there is something that you  require and think that we can make it, please contact us