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Great Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Great Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signage

Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signage

We produce excellent Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signs that are suitable for any surface that has steel such as car and truck doors.  These types of signs are convenient for installing and removing quickly from vehicles when the purpose of the vehicle changes – simply clean the surface of the area where the magnetic signs are to be applied and then apply the signs, within moments your vehicle is ready to advertise the product or service that you are offering.

These Quality Magnetic Vehicle Signs will last for years with care and come with instructions on how to care for them.

We offer full colour printing for these signs and can include any pictures and complex graphics that are required, our printed magnetic signs are all laminated with protects the print and enhances the design with either gloss or matte finish laminates.

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Magnetic Vehicle Signs for Logic Driving School – Brisbane

Magnetic Car Signs for Logic Driving School - BrisbaneOur Magnetic Vehicle Signs are a great way to advertise your business part-time, easily fitted and removed, your vehicle becomes a business car by applying the magnetic sign and a private vehicle by removing them.  Does your vehicle wear different hats?  Have a few different magnetic signs that your can apply for the specific purpose you’re using the vehicle for.

With care and maintenance these signs will last years and we use top quality materials to make sure the magnets look great and present the image and graphic in the best possible way.  Our commitment is to give great quality signs to let your logo shine.

These magnetic signs are made to any custom size you need, be it for a large truck or motorbike, we will be able to make it.

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We send our products to anywhere in Australia.

Magnetic Car Door Signage with Full Colour Printing

magnetic-car-signs-full-colour-digital-printedMagnetic car signs are a great advertising signage product that is portable and easily removed and refitted across different vehicles.   By combining our full colour printing process and magnetic car signage material, we can create truly eye catching and stunning graphics to advertise your business and product.
We only use magnetic material designed specifically to be used on vehicles and outdoors, this material is thicker and has more adhesion to ensure that they won’t fly off when driving at high speeds.  Thin magnetic material is mostly designed to be used on stationary objects such as fridges, it is a cheaper material yet mistakenly is often used as car signage magnets, there is a far greater chance of these flying off during driving.  Because car magnets are bigger, thin magnetic material is more prone to cracking over time, if constantly removing and refitting the magnet it stresses the thin material causing it to fail as it is not manufactured for car signage purposes.  The sun’s UV will also accelerate the failure of the thinner magnetic material.

Our magnetic material is 0.9mm and with care will last for years.

Magnetic car signs let’s you separate your vehicle for business and personal uses, simply remove the magnets when not in use and refit when needed.

There is almost no limit to what we can print for you magnets, our printer is the latest in digital print technology and will print some of the most complex graphics then can be created with today’s modern graphics programs such as Adobe illustrator,  Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

If needed, we can convert your current artwork to high quality artwork that will print with great resolution and sharpness and can help with layout.

All our magnetic car signs are laminated to enhance the print further and to add protection.  We only make quality car magnetics that will continue to look great in years to come.

The graphics on these car magnets were redrawn by us, the customer had a small JPEG picture which wasn’t suitable to be printed at the size required for the car magnets.

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Car Door Magnets and Vinyl Cut Vehicle Decals for Impact Water


Car Door Magnets and Vinyl Cut Stickers for Impact Water

Another customer of ours – Impact Water, required car door magnets and self adhesive vinyl cut decals/stickers for their fleet of cars and trucks. They will install the decals themselves and we have supplied them ready to applied as one piece.  As they are a 2 colour design which in the vinyl cutting procedure the 2 colours are cut from different rolls they typically are not applied together which makes it tricky to an inexperienced installer to get the exact placement of each colour. We have made it easier for our customer by supplying the 2 colours together which will ensure their logo is correct when applied to their vehicles. The Art of Stickers can supply all your fleet Car Signage and Car Door Magnets, contact us today!

Magnetic Car Signs – A great way to advertise

magnetic-car-signs-the-art-of-stickersOur removable and portable magnetic car signs are an extremely effective way to advertise your business without committing your vehicle(s) with permanent signage . Our Magnetic Car Signs are made from quality magnetic material and we use state of the art printing technology to create your designs with the highest resolution making your logos and pictures crisp and sharp. We laminate all magnetic car signs with a UV vinyl which adds a better visual aspect to your magnets. We do not make cheap quality and looking magnetic car signs.

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Magnet Design

Here we have 3 x 60 x 23 Magnets for Impact Water! These will be cut ready for easy installation! Perfect for Shop or Car signage!

Did you know that we can supply Signage  no matter where you are, you can install yourself and save substantial money. If you are in the Brisbane area we may be able to install as well.

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About to settle for the Ball and Chain?

Getting married is supposively one of the most joyous occasions in a persons life.

Over recent months some customers have been requesting custom stickers and magnets to commemorate, or remind friends and family to “Save The Date”.

Are you after something like this for your big day? Engagement Party? Hen’s Night? Check these out!

If you have your own Artwork and would like to enquire about turning it into a sticker or magnet, please email us:


Silverstar Marine Custom Vehicle Magnets – Part 2

These are two more Vehicle Magnets custom made for Silverstar Marine.

Different materials were used for these, to the ones we manufactured in Part 1.

We used Magnetic Sheeting once again, to that we applied high quality Digitally Printed adhesive vinyl with the customers logo and company name. Once the ink on this had cured, it was cold laminated. Then it was laid onto the Magnetic Sheeting.

If you would like to order or enquire about getting your own Custom Vehicle Magnetic Signs, please click here.


Silverstar Marine Custom Vehicle Magnets – Part 1

These Vehicle Magnets were made for Silverstar Marine.

They consist of 0.9mm magnetic sheeting, with its strong grip it ideal for vehicle use. Easy to remove from the vehicle with out marking the vehicle or surface to which it is applied.
We then carefully applied a layer of yellow high intensity grade reflective adhesive vinyl to the magnets surface. Once this was achieved, custom black vinyl cut lettering was applied so the signage would stand out.

What is Yellow Reflective Vinyl?
Yellow Reflective vinyl is a highly durable material that can be used on any smooth service.  It is used for traffic control signage and is a great safety material for vehicles that are used at night. Reflective Vinyl is available in serveral colours – including green & white.

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Magnetic Car Signs for Logic Driving School Brisbane

These custom magnetic car signs are made from quality magnetic material with full colour digitally printed sticker which is laminated with clear adhesive vinyl for a great looking finish. These magnets were made for Logic Driving school based in Brisbane. If you need custom magnetic car signs for your vehicle, please contact us image

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