Brand New Website coming within 6 Months

ISmartTech-Logo-e1415581112389 have just hired SmartTech Pty Ltd to redevelop our website, it is a substantial investment we are making and will be an ongoing project to make into the premier sticker website in Australia over the next 2 – 3 years.

The initial project is to completely rebuild the website and the way it works, at SmartTech’s recommendation we will use Woocommerce which is shopping cart software that is open source and is integrated into WordPress (This blog you are reading is WordPress).  We will customise to suit the way we sell stickers and our other products, it will work seamlessly across both Desktop and Mobile platforms and the aim is to make the user experience as friendly as possible.  It will have a completely new design and feel over the existing site and include features such as designing and purchasing stickers online.  Initially you will be able to order custom lettering stickers online and this tool will evolve over time to an online design tool to customise pictures as well, this tool will eventually become an important part of the website and will allow our customers to create quality stickers and signs that express themselves and their businesses.

We live in a diverse community with diverse personalities and my aim is to have a sticker website that anyone feels comfortable using and purchasing from – from a 10-year-old kid to a 90-year-old grandmother.  We have much work to do to bring this website to the internet and I am completely confident that SmartTech will deliver what they have promised on time – this website has been hosted with them for the past 2 years and their professionalism and customer service is truly awesome.  Their web hosting services are completely affordable and excellently maintained, since moving to SmartTech’s servers I have definitely noticed an increase in traffic from Google’s websites to this website because of the speed of their servers, Google does consider the speed in which a server will deliver a website and ranks it accordingly.

Our new website will allow us to easily expand our sticker range and we will also offer more signage products.  The way we handle custom enquiries and orders will change and be streamlined to save both our customers and us time and get orders out sooner.  We will combine all our social media feeds to one page on the website to allow potential customers to see more of the day-to-day workings and products we produce, we believe we are a good business and do the right thing by our customers and we’ll set out to prove this.

Kind Regards,

Wayne Boustead

Our Instagram Gallery –


Visit our Instagram Gallery

We’ve set up an Instagram Gallery to upload pictures of our products (predominantly stickers at the moment), we will upload many more pictures until a gallery is set up on our website toward the end of the year.  Please visit the page as it shows the different products we make and the quality we produce.  We have made thousands and thousands of different designs as stickers and signs over the years and the Instagram Gallery shows just a very small percentage of these.

Visit our Instagram Gallery at

For custom stickers and sales contact us at

Introduction Video – The Art of Stickers

This is the first video we’ve made for The Art of Stickers, we aim to make more once the new the website is up and running by the end of the year.  This one is a trial to understand the process of bringing the different elements together and we aim to produce everything from the music to the video – it will be 100% pure  We will include how to install video and videos of how we create and make stickers.
Peter from BlueCrystal Creative helped me with this and showed me the traps in his awesome sound and video studio. He also did the voice over and has that voiceover type of voice. Check them out at

Our New Printer and Laminating Room

Printer and Laminator Room at The Art of Stickers

Printer and Laminator Room at The Art of Stickers

Printer and Laminator Room

Our new printer and laminator room is now completed, this room is isolated from the rest of the workshop and has a controlled environment, this means that our vinyl stock, inks and equipment will always produce our products in the same environmental conditions which allows consistent results.  It also eliminates contamination of our stock and printing which has been an issue at times in the past.  Our printed stickers just got better and you can be assured when you purchase from The Art of Stickers, not only do we use quality stock, we also print in the best possible environment.  Our stickers and signs are designed to last the distance, if you message or design is important then it deserves to be produced with quality equipment, materials and in the best possible environment.

For quality stickers, signs and large format printing contact us at or 07 3122 4417


frank-zappa“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

Custom Labels for Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia

Custom Labels for Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia

Custom Labels for Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia

These custom labels were made by printing onto a gold metallic vinyl to create an elegant look.  These round labels are 20mm in diameter and will be supplied to the customer on sheets, they are laminated to enhance the appearance as these labels are applied to boutique and hand-made wood working tools crafted by Harold & Saxon Chisel & Tool Co. Australia.

Our custom labels can be used across many applications either indoors or outdoors, made from good quality vinyls, these labels will help convey the message of your logo and information by attracting the observer by the quality of the label.  Our digitally printed labels are printed using high quality print settings to make sure the labels original information is not lost through poor printing practices.

We can make many different types of labels to suit the application you need.

For custom labels, please contact us on 07 3122 4417 or
We send our products to anywhere in Australia

JDM [Japanese Domestic Market] Car Stickers and Decals

JDM Beginner Printed StickerWith over 400 JDM sticker designs, there are plenty of designs to choose from to decorate and jazz up your imported beast to the way that you want it.  Available in many different sizes, our JDM stickers can be applied to the bodywork or glass of your car.  We can also custom make stickers and if there isn’t something on the website that suits your needs, we may be able to make it for you.

Our stickers are made from high quality vinyls that will last for years outdoors and look great.  Our printed stickers are printed using high quality print settings and all stickers are laminated to make sure the maximum greatness comes out of the sticker.  We understand that cars can be an extension of a person’s personality and our stickers reflect that your personality is great.

These stickers can also be used on many other types of surfaces indoors and outdoors, why not colour in your stuff with stickers?  An easy and quick way to decorate just about anything.  We can also print or cut these designs from interior wall graphic vinyl if you would like to display the design directly on your wall.

Make sure you check out our JDM Car Sticker range by Clicking Here

We send JDM Stickers to anywhere in Australia and the World.

Car Stickers & Decals – Large Range Online or Custom Made

Custom Stickers make the World go around

Our Custom Stickers can be used for a variety of reasons. This photo shows a car that we repaired with band-aid stickers.

With over 11 years in business we have made a lot of stickers in this time, if you live in Australia, chances are that you’ve seen a sticker produced by The Art of Stickers on a car, ute, truck, caravan, boat, building, office and many other places where a sticker can be stuck.

Our stickers are made from only good quality vinyl that are proven to hold up in Australian conditions, they are suitable for most smooth and non porous clean surfaces and are particularly suited to paint types used on road vehicles and machinery, they work great on glass and materials such as stainless steel and and painted steel.  The vinyl that we use is designed specifically to be used outdoors and will last for many years, it also works great indoors and can possibly last a lifetime or 2.

Whether it’s business signs or personalised stickers that you would like to put on your vehicle, we are able to offer a range of different solutions from a simple vinyl cut single colour back-groundless decal  to complex full colour printed graphics and photos that will last years outdoors.  We can also custom cut shapes around designs to make the sticker more visually appealing.

Stickers are one of the cheapest ways to advertise and when applied to a vehicle that is on the road everyday, the amount of people that will see the sticker can be in the thousands, this is a great way to reinforce your brand or personality.

We have no minimums, if you need one or if you need a thousand, contact us and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

If you are looking for Custom Printed Stickers, please Click Here or for Custom Vinyl Cut Stickers & Decals, please Click Here

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2015 – International Year of the Sticker

Dear Reader,

Entrance Door Signage for The Art of Stickers2015 has officially been declared International Year of the Sticker just like every year before and every year after this.
Make this year your year by showing the world around you the individual that you are, stickers are as unique as works of art such as paintings and prints in which being two-dimensional can evoke emotions, reactions and feelings in this three-dimensional world of ours.

Every type of person can use a sticker to show what it is that they believe in and are passionate about, if you require stickers for business they are great for advertising your product, brand and services.

Stickers on cars and road vehicles have millions of impressions over their lifetime and if your business is localised and your vehicles travel around your locality then stickers for branding, services and products will undoubtedly win you new work and strengthens your branding by the simple act of travelling around and continuously reinforcing it within your local area.  I recommend investing in this area neatly and precisely with your brand and make sure any sticker work is produced properly as poorly produced stickers and signage can impact the look and feel of your brand as much as poorly designed logos and signage.

If you’re an individual, stickers are an awesome fun and inviting way to decorate and individualise just about anything, or if you are part of a club or team then stickers can unify the people and identifies your interest to the world around you.

We’ve been in business for over 11 years and in this time we have made many, many stickers for thousands and thousands of different people and businesses, from the kid that wants to put a sticker on his new bicycle to the company that is doing a national roll out – if we can produce it, then we’ll have a go at it.  At present we are more oriented towards small quantity, high quality customised stickers however this year we will be ramping up our production processes and offering large quantity runs on various types of materials, for the future our aim is to become a true one stop sticker shop – be it a single label you require or large format repetitive signage, our goal is to service a range of clients and individuals and their signage and sticker needs.  The Art of Stickers wants to keep you covered!

The Art of Stickers Print and Laminating Room

The Art of Stickers Print and Laminating RoomI’ve been busy building a new print room over the holiday period, this room will function as a print and laminate room to ensure our printing and laminating process is kept in a regulated and dust free environment which means our prints will be of the highest quality using our process and will not be contaminated by foreign materials such as dust and other particles.  This room will also free up space in the main part of our workshop which will allow us to turn around jobs quicker and implement better production systems.  I have a personal commitment to be able to offer anyone or any business the best quality custom stickers at an affordable price and competitive price using only proven processes and materials, stickers are very much tools of freedom of speech and deserves quality in however it may be delivered.  Our new print and laminate room will be up and running completely by the end of January.

Toward the end of this year we will be overhauling our website to bring a more modern and comfortable experience across the many different platforms that we now access the internet through, the internet and particularly Google have been very kind to us over the years and we want to improve the experience with our website and strengthen our place within the search engines such as Google, our current shopping cart platform has served us well but is close to its use by date, we are excited that we will be investing in this area and are confident that it will expand our business further.

Own 2015, use a sticker to show everyone it’s yours!

From the team at The Art of Stickers we sincerely wish you all the best for 2015 and may it be a great and prosperous year for you and everybody around you.

Kind Regards,

Wayne Boustead


Custom Stickers, Labels and Decals – Always Expect Great Quality

We make custom stickers with no minimums and custom shapes to suit your needs. Our custom stickers are printed using the latest in high quality eco-sol inks and are printed onto premium vinyl to make sure your stickers appeal is visually maximised and the longevity will keep this visual appeal for years to come. With the process we use to create the stickers, our stickers will outlast other similar produced stickers.


From small labels to large format signage, our stickers suit a range of applications whether it be personal or commercial and we can work with you to meet the results that you need.  After 11 years in business, our stickers have been sent all over Australia and the world. We have made stickers, labels and decals for many thousands of customers, many of which we have retained for years.

Because we only use good quality materials, inks and systems, our regular customers know when to expect and trust us to supply the right product.


Contact us today for your sticker and label needs: Logo Sticker

Large and Small Format Printed Stickers and Signage

Large Format Digitally Printed SignageOur large format digital printer can handle a variety of jobs that have an absolute professional finish and because we only use quality materials and inks, our products are far superior to many of our competitors. You can be sure our process for constructing and manufacturing both large format stickers and small individual stickers will outlast and outshine and look great in the years to come. If you are using our stickers for your branding, having stickers that do the distance intensifies your brand by not allowing an observer to have an opinion on how cheap the sticker is and Reverse Printed Glass Window Sticker Custom Printed Vinyl Cut and Wrapped Mini Bonnet feeling that the brand has no passion, cheap looking stickers will distract a potential customer away from the message of your brand, a quality constructed sticker will definitely appeal to the type of customer most businesses want. If you’re looking for cheap low quality stickers, we don’t make them.