The Spider

I was playing guitar this morning in the office when I noticed this huntsman spider on the floor in the middle of open space staring at me!  Not sure if it was listening to my music but it is certainly the biggest audience I’ve ever had :).

It is a very cool spider and didn’t get upset when I started to handle it.  I don’t spray chemicals in the office to get rid of bugs as I believe these guys do a better job in the long run.

Car Stickers and Signage

We can make a large variety of car stickers and car signage to suit your business or personal applications. Using the latest in printing technology for quick turnaround times and quality materials, we can get your sticker and signage needs out quickly, efficiently and effectively and at fair price.

Our stickers are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and are perfectly suited as car stickers and signage. From simply advertising to full graphics, use our stickers top get your message across and if it is for a business, it becomes cost effective advertising which will make hundreds of thousands of impressions over a vehicles’ lifetime.

Make sure you contact The Art of Stickers for your car sticker and signage needs.

Dude – where’s my pixels?

Pixelated Smiley FaceThe terrible confusion between DPI and PPI

Sometimes life can be cruel and two very different things get confused as being the same as each other.

One such thing is DPI and PPI.

In the printing world, DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and is a measure (print resolution) for printing equipment about how many ink or toner dots are put down per inch.

PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch (pixel=picture element) and is a measure (digital resolution) of how many pixels are in an inch of a digital image (Bitmap).

The two have no relation to each other and DPI is often wrongly used when describing the resolution of a digital bitmap image.  Perhaps when the transition to printing from digital images started many years ago, printers and designers may have inadvertently called PPI DPI because both printing and digital systems use the term ‘resolution’ even though it applies differently in each process.

Unless you’re a printer or have some interest, you don’t need to be concerned with DPI. Because modern print machines can print at very high resolutions, it’s almost not worth thinking about.

If you are sending us digital images to be printed, then it is worth having an understanding of PPI and it’s fairly simple.  PPI (Pixels Per Inch) is how many pixels in each inch of a digital bitmap image, the more pixels there are, the more information in that square inch which means more detail and sharper images.  If you keep zooming into a digital bitmap image you will start seeing squares which are the pixels that make up the image.  Each pixel is its own colour and images with a high-resolution of pixels will make colours seemingly transition smoothly, but pictures with a low resolution of pixels will look harsh in their transition and hence the term ‘pixelated’.

Most lower end digital cameras and phone cameras take photos with a resolution of 72PPI, the size at which they are taken can vary considerably.

For example if a photo is taken with the overall pixel size of 1632 x 1224 at 72PPI then the print size in inches will be 22.667 inches x 17 inches (57.57cm x 43.18cm).   Divide 1632 by 72 and 1224 by 72.

For larger prints, 72PPI isn’t a good resolution to print from (unless the print is going to be viewed from a distance), the print won’t have sharpness at this size because there isn’t enough pixels per inch to transition the colours in a smooth fashion.  A recommended resolution of 250PPI to 300PPI can produce good results, so the the example of 1632 x 1224 pixels at 300PPI will work out to a print size of 5.44 inches x 4.08 Inches (13.82cm x 10.36cm).  This produces a smaller print but the smallness blends the pixels seemingly better to the human eye.

To make a beautiful print, you need to start with a beautiful piece of equipment.

Cameras are not cameras anymore and megapixels has become mostly a marketing term.  1 megapixel equals 1 million pixels.  An 8 megapixel camera is capable of capturing 8 million pixels however the quality of those pixels and the way they transition from one to another depends more on the quality of the optical lens, image sensor and image processor  - this process will decide how much of the information in an optical image will be converted into electronic data.  High end cameras are capable of taking pictures with 300PPI which means there is a lot more data within the file and more detail when printed.

We get a lot of pictures sent by customers wanting to get printed as stickers and signs.  Small stickers are usually fine with low quality pictures but signs are usually bigger and using low quality pictures will make the sign look cheap, which makes our product look cheap and can make your business look cheap – perception – we all have it.


anthony-robbins-jack-black“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

- Anthony Robbins

Let Us Re-Glorify Your Artwork into a High Quality Digital Format

A little known service that we haven’t advertised is the ability to take worn out, washed out, dragged through the mud, dilapidated and pixelated artwork and recreate it to it’s original glory.  Using the latest computer software to redraw and digitize, we can handle the majority of conversions.  Great print results will always start with the artwork, no matter how state of the art equipment and materials are, if the file from which a printer is using is poorly constructed artwork it will reflect right through to the finished product making good quality equipment and materials seemingly inferior and looks visually crapola for your brand.

We see quite often artwork that is low in digital quality and recommend to have the artwork redrawn into a high quality format, it’s truly worth the time and effort to produce results that won’t distract from the message of the sign or print.

 We understand that sometimes it’s painful trying to understand this process, we recommend you send us what artwork you have and details of what you need the artwork to be used for and we will recommend you with the best option and cost for how your artwork will be handled.

We are not the print shop that will print anything just to make dollars, we do believe in how an item is presented will affect how it will be perceived and this has a direct result on sales.

It’s very easy to make a cheap sign and save dollars, but what is the value of a potential customer’s perception?

So if you have artwork that doesn’t do your business justice, send it over to us.

Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane or Mexico – we can convert your artwork into high quality digital artwork.

George Harrison Sitar“It’s all in the mind”

- George Harrison

Stationary, Advertising & Business Printing Aussie Made with the Best Quality!

We’re excited!

We can now handle all your stationary requirements including Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Fridge Magnets and Lots, Lots More. More products to be added in the months to come.


We have expanded our range and now able to provide a large range of promotional and office media at a competitive pricing with great quality all made right here in Australia.

You expect great Australian quality in your stickers and signs from us, now you can expect this in the following products.

Our new range is: (If not suitable to your needs, please contact us as we can make custom sizes and quantities)


Flyers are a fantastic, affordable way to get your message out in the marketplace.

Dynamic, full colour graphics will make sure your flyer stands out from the crowd.

DL, A5 or A4 – any way you fold them, your flyers will look great!

  • 115gsm Gloss is a fantastic economical option for large mailouts or promotions
  • 3 folding options to suit whatever size, postage and artwork design you have in mind
  • With most economy flyers today printed on 80gsm, our 115gsm is a quality product at a great price



Your business stationery is an extension of your brand.

It moves through the marketplace, communicating important details and reminding your contacts they’re important to you!

Think about ordering in bulk to maximise your money.

  • Single-sided letterheads and follower pages, ideal for large economy runs
  • A bright white paper with excellent colour reproduction
  • Guaranteed inket reproduction makes it suitable for overprinting in-house


Promotional_CardsPromotional Cards

The uses for promotional/marketing cards are endless!

Whether you’re promoting a special offer or discount, a gift voucher or range extension, promo cards will tell the story.

In sizes from A6 to A4 and DL, you’ll find the right card for the job here.

  • 250gsm cards are sturdy yet economical, perfect for big print runs
  • Gloss stock gives your card a high shine finish, minimising smudges and scratches
  • Full colour printing is included on the front, leaving the back blank for notes, messages or appointments


Fridge_CalendarsFridge Calendars

Fridge Calendars are a clever way to advertise your product or service in a practical format that’s almost guaranteed to get you 12 months exposure, for very little cost!

  • DL size (99 x 210) fits into standard business size envelope for easy postage
  • Sturdy, durable card with strong magnetic strip on the reverse
  • Also ideal for takeaway menus, price/service lists, store locations and contact details



Advertise in a BIG way with bold, bright posters!

Available in A3, A2 and A1 sizes, we’ve got plenty of paper weight and finish options to draw attention to your sale, event or promotion.

  • 115gsm is a lightweight, budget option for high volume or quick-turnaround promotions
  • Gloss stock adds vibrancy to colours and looks dynamic in a retail environment
  • A1 posters are ideal for big-impact window displays, ceiling suspension or wall mounting


Business_CardsBusiness Cards

Your business card leaves a lasting impression. Ask us about options like custom size cards or rounded corners – we’ll help you stand out from the pack! Choose from Gloss for a glam look or Matt for understated elegance, plus we have Recycled options that care for the planet.

  • A superior weight card designed to last and look good longer
  • Fingerprint-resistant, they won’t fray or crumple in pockets and wallets
  • High definition printing and superior stock makes your cards top quality



Perfect for personal or professional use, postcards look fantastic and are incredibly practical.

Send them out as greetings, loyalty cards, announcements, invitations or special offers – then flip them over and personalise them with your customer’s name for that personal touch.

  • A6 size (148 x 105mm), fits perfectly in a standard A6 envelope
  • Uncoated on the reverse so you can personalise, write, draw or stamp
  • Glossy on the front to make your graphics bright and vibrant


Presentation_FoldersPresentation Folders

Organise, protect and present your marketing material in a quality presentation folder.

We have a great range of templates to choose from with lots of options for pocket shape, business card placement and gussets from 0-20mm.

From a proposal to a full set of product brochures – we’ve got them covered.

  • Single sided printing is a cost-effective option for larger volume print runs
  • Full colour printing is included in the quote to give your folders professional impact
  • Ideal for proposals, welcome packs, product launches, info kits and company profiles



Make an impact with quality full colour printing that boasts rich, true-to-life colour.

We offer a variety of paper weights, sizes and panel options so you can say exactly what you want, how you want – at a great price!

  • 115gsm is a great lightweight, economical option for large print runs
  • Non-bulky and versatile, it’s ideal for keeping postage weight down
  • Great for sale flyers, pricelists, discount offers, inserts and mailbox drops



Magnets are a small item that pack a big punch!

Give them away and they’ll sit in prominent places, constantly advertising for you when you’re not there.

Mail them out, pop them in with orders or hand them out at promo events to get them working for you!

  • Light to post and a cost effective size for economical advertising and promotions
  • Full colour, high definition printing means your photos and brand graphics reproduce in true-to-life colour
  • Rounded corners prevent sharp corners curling up and keep your magnet looking good for longer


Tent_CalendarsTent Calendars

Your customer’s desk wouldn’t be complete without a branded tent calendar they can check dates, holidays or special events on.

The more offices, organisations, schools and homes your calendars go into, the more business leads you’ll get!

  • Just under A4 size, supplied flat, and easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and designed to fit a C4 envelope for mailing
  • Smooth, glossy surface prevents smudging and fingerprints



Envelopes are one of the most commonly used pieces of office stationery, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

Brighten up your outgoing mail with high definition, full colour printing on bright white envelopes.

  • C4 envelopes are designed to fit unfolded A4 documents
  • Size = 324w x 229d (mm) fits A3 sheets, folded in half from top to bottom
  • Australia Post guidelines: maximum weight 500g maximum depth 20mm

Simply your order and pay for it online and we’ll ship it right to your door. If you have any trouble ordering or prefer to deal with us directly, please contact us and we will take care of it for you.

8 Colours to Inspire You

Our new printer has amazing colour range over our old printer, with the addition of Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black and White to the existing colour system of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, the print is amazing and vibrant.  Our new printer can make a variety of products from stickers, labels, decals to large signs and even print fine photography on photographic papers.  When we print high quality the print is spectacular by using the latest in digital print technology.  We just became more versatile in what we offer by having this printer and we can make banners with full colour and photographic printing, it can make traditional type stickers and print very fine and complex detail that the latest graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw produce.

With a printing resolution of 1440 Dots Per Inch and ability of unidirectional printing and ability to slow print head speed, extremely fine gradients and text are stunningly reproduced to a standard suitable for galleries and fine art prints, imagine the sticker on the back of your car was produced by a machine that also produces fine art print in high-end galleries, that machine exists at The Art of Stickers.

Our printer is capable of printing white which means we can print onto clear material and use white as a colour and as a backing to others colours to produce more vibrant colours, we haven’t fully tested the printers white ink print capabilities but are confident it will produce the results we are looking for.

 We will be making a complete list for the products we will sell shortly once we finish our testing, please check later posts and the main website page.  In the meantime, please let us know what you require and we will let you know if we are capable of doing it.

Below are pictures that we printed on photographic paper.

Our Business Starts with Stickers

Sticker Happiness

Complete Sticker Happiness with The Art of Stickers.

We make many different types of Stickers and Decals from small labels right up through to large format full colour digital vinyl prints.  Our stickers and decals are made from quality and trusted vinyl using the latest in digital printing and ink technology, be assured that stickers from The Art of Stickers are vibrant and last for years to come.

We now have the capabilities to print Wide and Large Format Printing up to 1300mm+ wide x unrestricted length using 8 colours to combine and achieve millions of colours. From large signage to fine photography prints with awesome and warm skin tones, our versatility is evolving.  We print many different materials from fine canvas and poster paper to banner vinyl and wall graphics vinyl.

From small car stickers to truck container sides, we can cover it…literally!  Your graphics, our sticker manufacturing skills and nothing but good quality materials to suit the application required.

We supply one-off stickers to individuals right up to thousands for large corporate companies.  We ship Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra and all other towns and cities in Australia either by road freight or Australia Post.  We welcome international customers and ship all over the world.

Get your sticker fix only from The Art of Stickers – stickers for all things grand and small – we can cover it!

Dr Suess“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”

- Dr. Seuss

Sugar Skull Stickers – Full Colour Vibrant Print

Sugar Skull Sticker Design

Check out the 132 Sugar Skull Full Colour Sticker Designs

One hundred and thirty two Sugar Skulls designs have been added to the website, these are colourful, beautiful and unique designs.  With our full colour printing process, these designs stand out as stickers.  Available in many different sizes and for immediate purchase, these stickers can be used on just about any smooth and clean surface and are fully suitable for outdoor use using the world famous 3M brand of European quality adhesive vinyl and printed with quality Japanese machines and  inks that will last for years out in the Australian Conditions.   We laminate these designs with a clear adhesive vinyl to enhance the look and to further protect the inks from outdoor elements, our combination for quality is second to none for digitally printed stickers.

Sugar Skulls are decorative skulls used in the Southern Mexican celebration Day of the Dead.  They are decorated brightly and intricately with coloured icing and other decorative items.

Southern Mexicans decorate an altar in their home with sugar skulls, flowers, candles, food and burn incense.  On November 2nd of each year, they take the items from home to the cemetery and decorate graves of dead relatives.  It is a fascinating part of a culture, read more here.

Orders are mailed out via Australia Post to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra including just about everywhere else within Australia.  We also mail to anywhere there is a mail service in the world, if you’re outside Australia, you can be sure that your order will get to you.

Click Here to Check our range of these full colour print
ed Sugar Skull stickers

Another New Australian Financial Year

ConfidenceHappy new financial year!

Thank you to all our past customers, we hope that we have satisfied your requirements and look forward to working with you again in the future.

If you own a business, perhaps your financial year resolution should be to make sure your signage is working and promote and organise with stickers and labels.  We also make custom whiteboards which are great for organizing your data in a quick and easy visual way, we can work with you to make a board that suits your business.  We make Car Door Magnets which will help promote your business when you want to promote on the vehicle you want to promote with.  Simply remove the magnets and store when not in use or easily transfer them to another vehicle.

Custom stickers and signs, window graphics and lots more.  With the capability of printing a small sticker at 10mm or less right up to 1600mm wide format printing, we now can handle a great variety of jobs from small one off stickers to large signage, shop displays, window displays, vehicle signage and much more.  We can supply your signage ready to install or we can install if you are in the Brisbane and surrounding areas.

With an 8 colour digital printer, we can print a broad colour range and print photographic images at superior high quality. .

We have many customers in which we supply stickers as they need them, because we use digital printing, setup costs are keep to a minimum and repeat orders have virtually no set up.  This means large amounts of stock doesn’t need to be kept on shelves which in these economic times will help keep costs down and keeps your sticker and label stocks fresh and up to date.

We can make short and long runs of bumper stickers, custom bicycle stickers, labels, serialized labels and stickers, boat stickers, truck stickers and stickers for any type of vehicle to suit most conditions.

We can get your orders to, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Australia Wide including all towns where Australia Post delivers.  Larger order can be sent via Couriers or other road transport companies.  We also mail out overseas and with larger orders, the freight can be organised by the receiver.  We pack orders well to ensure it arrives at its destination as the same way when it was sent.


Plato and Aristotle

Quality is not an act, it is a habit

- Aristotle


Imagination – Our world is full of it

Colourful CommunityIndividuality and originality is what makes us extremely different and exactly the same as each other.  We reckon that the best way for you to express your individualism is through a sticker or sign, if the eyes are the gateway to the soul and the soul is the gateway to the heart then a great looking sticker or sign is going smack the soul head on and get into people’s hearts!

Whether it’s good or bad imagination or more likely a combination, I’m certain that most of us do it.  It is said that imagination helps our learning process and the way we perceive the world around us.  Without imagination we wouldn’t have communities and societies and without communities and societies we wouldn’t have stickers and signs, it would be a truly sad world!  But thank goodness that isn’t the case and our imaginations have collectively built everything our lives are based on,  we have a connected world where we can trade easily, securely and quickly with someone on the other side of earth because people have always imagined that and now it has been turned into a reality .  Imagine what it will be like in 100 years.

Let us help you turn your imagination into a reality.

We all have many creative tools at our disposal and it’s very easy to create artwork yourself these days, however, we do understand that sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to create something tangible on a computer that you have imagined in your mind.  So if you’re better at drawing on paper or cutting and pasting (computer or paper) to portray your ideas, then that could be enough to pass your ideas to us to make that awesomely beautiful sticker or sign that you’ve imagined!  We’ve gotten good at turning ideas into high quality artwork, however if you don’t have the time or inclination for the imagination and creative process but think it’s an important part of your business, we can recommend a graphic artist that will work with you.

So next time you brainstorm and have a wicked idea for a sticker or sign let us know and we’ll give it a go!


charlie_chaplin-02“Imagination means nothing without doing” – Charlie Chaplin