Large and Small Format Printed Stickers and Signage

Large Format Digitally Printed SignageOur large format digital printer can handle a variety of jobs that have an absolute professional finish and because we only use quality materials and inks, our products are far superior to many of our competitors. You can be sure our process for constructing and manufacturing both large format stickers and small individual stickers will outlast and outshine and look great in the years to come. If you are using our stickers for your branding, having stickers that do the distance intensifies your brand by not allowing an observer to have an opinion on how cheap the sticker is and Reverse Printed Glass Window Sticker Custom Printed Vinyl Cut and Wrapped Mini Bonnet feeling that the brand has no passion, cheap looking stickers will distract a potential customer away from the message of your brand, a quality constructed sticker will definitely appeal to the type of customer most businesses want. If you’re looking for cheap low quality stickers, we don’t make them.

Sticker and Signage Machinery

Cutter-Machine-Roland-Vinyl-Decals-StickersCutter-Machine-Roland-Vinyl-Decals-Stickers-1There are many different kinds of machinery out there for all kinds of purposes, this includes sticker, signage and general decor making. The Art of Stickers uses top quality machines to ensure the highest quality products are made for our customers. The brand we trust in is Roland. Roland has a wide variety of top-of-the-line printers and cutters to suit any business’ needs, and they have never led us astray. Our newest wide-format printer/cutter helps reduce production time by printing in larger quantities than our previous printer, as well as broadens our supply ability for bigger prints. We also use two Roland cutters; one for general, everyday use and a larger one to fit wider rolls such as those that wall vinyls are supplied on.  Having these three reliable machines gives us everything we need to work fast, and efficiently to provide you with the best quality stickers, prints, wall decor, and signage.Large-Wide-Format-Printer-Printing

The Art of Stickers Sign Installation

sign-installationOur very own Robo-Sign-Man installing signage for the Thai Isan Restaurant in Mooloolaba, Queensland today.

April Fool’s Day Custom Stickers

Custom-Vinyl-Cut-Sticker-April-fool'sApril Fool’s day is the one day set aside each year to give your friends a fright, and make them suffer a little, as well as get back at them for all the tormenting they may have done over the previous year. Get your rubber chickens and whoopee cushions ready because it’s here again, so make sure you’re prepared for the best pranking day of the year, both to prank, and protect yourself from the ill intentions of others. Of course there’s always that one person who thinks of the most brilliant, and intricate, prank ever thought of. When your prank calls for any kind of signage or stickers, you know you can always count on The Art of Stickers to lend a hand. All you have to do is send your design as well as information such as the type of sticker you want, and sizing, to and we can send you a quote then produce, and send them straight to your door. Remember, keep your friends close, but they’re probably going to try something so make sure you get them first.

Laser Cut Signage


There are many different types of materials that can be used in signage, and whatever the material, you will always have your own custom sizing and shape. This is where laser cutting comes in as it is the most effective way to get signage materials to fit your unique design. This process can be used on a variety of materials including plastic, acrylic and wood. Luckily, The Art of Stickers offers laser cutting services so you don’t have to go far for any signage needs.  Just send us an email at information such as sizing and any reference material for design, and we’ll send you a quote, ready to fill your order.Laser-Cut-Acrylic-Signage.

Custom Printed Signage


Now, don’t let the name fool you; just because we’re The Art of Stickers, doesn’t mean that’s all we do. We can supply you with a variety of signage, ranging from posters to banners, even pull up banners. we can print your signage and apply it to materials such as acrylic, aluminium composite panels, and corflute. We can even make magnetic signs for your car, apply vinyl decal signage directly to your car, and make custom business whiteboard layouts. Whatever your signage needs, you can relax knowing The Art of Stickers can handle it and provide you with great quality products. All you need to do is send us an email at with information on what you want, we’ll send you a quote and you’ll have your signage quick and easy. So if you need any signage for your business, just let us know.

Custom-Printed Signage-corflute-pull-up-banner

Custom Sticker Orders

As you know, here at The Art of Stickers, we offer our services to provide you with the sticker you need. Every order that we fill is received electronically so that we have all the information we need to work out a quote as fast as possible. This also keeps the information close at hand throughout the production process. We often receive phone calls for over-the-phone quotes. This makes things difficult, as the information you provide may not encompass all areas of information we need to provide a sound quote. Calculating quote costs is an extensive process that cannot be done in a matter of seconds, especially without any images to see what we’re dealing with. Also, there is often  a queue of customers asking for quotes before we receive your call. This would simply mean jumping the queue, which is unfair to other customers. We implore you to ask for quotes via email or our Custom Request forms listed below.

Custom Printed Stickers:
Custom Vinyl Cut Stickers:

Magnetic Car Door Signage with Full Colour Printing

magnetic-car-signs-full-colour-digital-printedMagnetic car signs are a great advertising signage product that is portable and easily removed and refitted across different vehicles.   By combining our full colour printing process and magnetic car signage material, we can create truly eye catching and stunning graphics to advertise your business and product.
We only use magnetic material designed specifically to be used on vehicles and outdoors, this material is thicker and has more adhesion to ensure that they won’t fly off when driving at high speeds.  Thin magnetic material is mostly designed to be used on stationary objects such as fridges, it is a cheaper material yet mistakenly is often used as car signage magnets, there is a far greater chance of these flying off during driving.  Because car magnets are bigger, thin magnetic material is more prone to cracking over time, if constantly removing and refitting the magnet it stresses the thin material causing it to fail as it is not manufactured for car signage purposes.  The sun’s UV will also accelerate the failure of the thinner magnetic material.

Our magnetic material is 0.9mm and with care will last for years.

Magnetic car signs let’s you separate your vehicle for business and personal uses, simply remove the magnets when not in use and refit when needed.

There is almost no limit to what we can print for you magnets, our printer is the latest in digital print technology and will print some of the most complex graphics then can be created with today’s modern graphics programs such as Adobe illustrator,  Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

If needed, we can convert your current artwork to high quality artwork that will print with great resolution and sharpness and can help with layout.

All our magnetic car signs are laminated to enhance the print further and to add protection.  We only make quality car magnetics that will continue to look great in years to come.

The graphics on these car magnets were redrawn by us, the customer had a small JPEG picture which wasn’t suitable to be printed at the size required for the car magnets.

For all your car magnet needs, contact The Art of Stickers


Wide Format Printing – Vinyl – Posters – Banners – Signage – Stickers

Large-format-printingWith our new Roland Wide Format Printer we can print up to 1500mm wide and just about any length you need.  The printer uses Eco-Solvent inks which are perfectly suited both outdoors and indoors.  We can print on many different materials from vinyls to banner materials and poster papers.  Using the CMYK colour system plus the extra added colours – Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black the colour gamut increases over standard CMYK print systems and we can produce much more vibrant prints with excellent tones and gradients.  Our wide format printing offers great quality printing and we use only quality media so you’ll be confident that your wide format print will last for years to come.

We offer point of sales products including pull up banners, floor graphics, wall graphics, signage and custom solutions that you need.  Our wide format printing is also great for building signage and car graphics.  Banners are a great solution when you need portability of your signage and are quick easy and versatile when needed.  Rolled up and easy to store, banners are brought out only when needed and take up little room when in storage.  Our full colour high-resolution printing system allows us make tiny labels to bumper stickers to grand scaled signs.

We can print and cut vinyl stickers and labels to almost any shape your need making your stickers and labels stand out from the rest and not have boring rectangle, square or round shapes.  Our print and contouring cutting system ensures you get the best looking stickers and labels that suits your graphic design.  We can laminate your stickers with a matt or gloss finishing vinyl that will further enhance the look and appeal of your stickers and labels and combining this with contour cutting really takes the sticker and label process to another level.

The Art of Stickers believes in quality, there are many alternatives to our process available on the market of which many are inferior.  The use of lower priced materials and equipment often sacrifices the overall quality of the produced end product, when it comes to stickers and signs this can greatly impact the visual perception of a brand as much as a poorly constructed piece of artwork.  Having decently produced signage, stickers and graphical artwork will hugely impact the way a potential customer will bond to your brand.  Saving money does not always mean you will gain money, good quality may mean spending more money upfront and good quality will mean making more money in the long run.  Cheap quality signage and stickers will need replacing more often as they degrade faster, cheap quality signage and stickers can cost more in the long run as doing one job twice will usually cost more than twice the cost of doing it properly once.

Make sure your signage and stickers work for you as your assets, don’t let them become your liabilities.

Printed Vinyl Sign Banner for Bikes Only – Springwood – QLD

banner-printed-signThis printed banner is 2000mm x 1200mm and made using a 510GSM gloss vinyl banner material.  This banner is used for an indoor exhibition and has eyelets to make fixing easy.

Vinyl banners are a cost-effective signage solution and are easily transportable which can be rolled up and stored away.  Our full colour print process produces stunning graphics and images that will help reinforce your brand and message.  We can supply the banners with ropes and eyelets and our banners are fully suitable for outdoor use and will last for years with care.  Great for any event indoor or out, contact us for your printed vinyl banner needs.

Bikes Only are Australia’s largest Motorcycle Transporters. Visit their website at