A-Frame Sandwich Board Sign for Coco Bean Down Under


A-frame signs are a great way to smack eyeballs with your brand, product and services

This double-sided A-Frame is made with steel tubing and has ColorBond faces which we have applied printed stickers over.

The frame is made in Australia and is great quality, it is heavy which prevents it being blown over in heavier winds however if weight is an issue we can supply lighter frames.

We customise A-Frame signs to our customer needs and have the ability to include anything from writable areas with chalk or liquid chalk to brochure holders and custom magnets.

The portability of these signs allow them to be strategically placed to increase the exposure and awareness of what it is advertising, whether it is foot traffic or motor traffic these types of  signs have proven for decade over decade that they bring attention that will convert to sales.

The return on investment for these types of signs is excellent, consider if your shop or stall is on the left or right of the road or path, people too busy looking ahead may not notice it however an A-Frame sign near the path or road will pretty much smack them in the eyeballs and presto – awareness which will convert to sales and opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

We only deal in good quality materials and printing and we assure you that your design will be made to how its designer intended it to display.

To enquire about custom A-Frame Signs please email us at or call 07 3122 4417

Turn something into an advertising sign


Wheelie Bin Advertising

Are there items around the office or workshop that can be used for advertising or displaying information? Items such as bins and cabinets are excellent areas to use and we’ll make stickers that will stick to most of these types of surfaces.  We can customise the stickers to suit the item and add areas that can be written on with whiteboard markers or chalk.

These stickers also brighten up places as well as being informative.  With stickers you can transform dull items into pieces of art, advertising and functional signage.

Please contact us at for advertising stickers

Small Custom Sign


Aluminum Composite Material Signage

This sign is made from a material called aluminum composite material, abbreviated to ACM panel and sometimes called Alupanel which is a brand name that has found its way as a common name for the material.

ACM panel is excellent for many different types of signs and can be made in many sizes including large scale signage.  It is lightweight which makes it easy to install and the sheets are rigid which makes them easy to stack and transport.

We can print full colour or do simple lettering as shown which make these signs stand out.  They can be screwed or glued to the surface they are being applied to and because they are light, they make wonderful signs that can be transported around.

Use this type of signage for anything from displaying the name of your home kitchen to large scale corporate signage that will be seen from great distances.

For Aluminum Composite Material Signage, Contact us at or on 07 3122 4417


Maximum Height Safety Industrial Stickers


Maximum Height Industrial Stickers

With our large format printer, our stickers can be made to very large sizes which is excellent for safety signs and stickers used on big industrial sites, larger stickers and signs create much more prominence and reinforcement with creates the authority needed on larger sites where safety is paramount.

We can customise your safety stickers & signs to suit the particular application required, we can include many different types of information including pictures and logos.  We can make the stickers & signs many different shapes and supply on different materials such as Corflute and Aluminum Composite Panel.

Our Stickers & Signs are long lasting and most suitable to Australia’s outdoor conditions.  Printed with high quality inks and materials, The Art of Stickers stickers & signs will do the job that they are intended to do for many years.  We won’t fail and we won’t let our products fail, we believe in quality from beginning to end.

For more information please contact us at or on 07 3122 4417


Corflute Signs for Trackabout Off Road Campers

Coreflute Signs for Trackabout Off Road CampersCorflute signs are an inexpensive and great way to produce signage in areas where they may be eventually discarded or damaged.  They are a lightweight and easily transportable cost-effective signage that looks great in all types of conditions and applications.

They a great when you require signage at events and are easily fixed with double-sided tapes, they also have an option to have steel eyelets inserted which allows the sign to be tied with rope to a fence or wall.

Available with full colour print or basic single colour designs, Corflute Signage is highly cost-effective when produced in quantities. With sizing ranging from 300mm x 300mm to 2400mm x 1200mm and available in thicknesses of 3mm and 5 mm, there is a corflute that will fit your application.

For Corflute Signage contact us at or on 07 3122 4417

Truck Signage for Jim’s Skip Bins

Jim's Skip Bin Truck Signage

Jim’s Skip Bin Truck Signage

Truck Signage

Truck Signage

Simple in design, I think just about everyone living in a major capital city in Australia recognises the Jim’s logo, from a humble lawn mowing business to a national multiple franchise business, their business covers a broad range of services both domestic and commercial.

We produced and applied this signage for local Jim’s Skip Bins franchisee Mick Carroll, using only good quality materials, these signs will last years and hold up to the tough conditions that skip bins truck usually encounter.

If you require vehicle signage or signs and stickers for other purposes, please contact us or 07 3122 4417


Stainless Steel LED Lit Reception Sign for Wayne’s World Discount Variety Store

Water Jet Cut Reception Sign with Coloured Acrylic Back and LED Back Lighting

Water Jet Cut Reception Sign with Coloured Acrylic Back and LED Back Lighting

We produced this Reception Sign for the reception area of the head office for Wayne’s World Discount Variety Store.  Made from 3mm stainless steel, we had it cut with a powerful computer controlled water jet cutter, we mounted coloured acrylic 10mm behind the stainless steel and installed strips of LED lighting in-between.  The reception area was a little subdued and this illuminated sign helped lift the feel as well as giving visitors an elegant experience of the Wayne’s World brand.  These types of signs add a flair and a sense of powerfulness to brands as good quality stainless steel has a certain aura around it.

We can work with you to achieve the type of sign you desire for your reception area.  Contact us at or on 07 3122 4417

Pull Up (Pop Up) Portable Banner for

Bikes Only Pull Up Pop Up Potable Banner

Portable Pull/Pop Up Banner for Bikes Only –

These portable pull up/pop up banners are great to set up and pack up quickly and efficiently,  we use only a blockout material that is 100% opaque and is an non-curling material, this means that the banner material will not let light through which ensures the design isn’t washed out and the strength of the colours are as intended.  The non-curling material prevents the edges from curling around toward the print – a tendency of cheaper produced materials.

We only use high quality mechanisms to make sure your banner rolls and unrolls seamlessly over time – what would you do if you got to a big event and your portable banner failed?

We do everything possible to minimise these types of scenarios as we believe that it more important for you to be selling your product or service rather than trying to repair a piece of signage.

Our Japanese made printer prints with 8 colours to recreate a stunning and vibrant full range of colour – printing anything from high resolution photos to complex illustrations is no problem for our printer which is currently the state of the art print technology.  Our inks are designed to be used outdoors and indoors and are UV stable.

Pull Up/Pop Up Banners are lightweight, assembled in seconds and are large enough to be noticed from a distance, the size of the print area is 2100mm x 840mm which allows substantial information to be included.  Easily moved around – if you need to constantly change your display area, these signs allow you to do it with minimal effort, when a series of the banners are displayed near each other, a mass of information can be displayed with minimal effort.

For Quality Pull/Pop Up Portable Banners contact The Art for Stickers at

We are based in Underwood, Brisbane and ship all over Australia.

Signs for CrossFit Arena Slacks Creek, Brisbane


7 metre x 1 metre sign for CrossFit Arena, Slacks Creek. The process involves first printing onto self adhesive vinyl then laminating over with a clear vinyl to give give the print extra protection and a more glossier appearance, the laminated print is then mounted onto the sheets of aluminium composite panel.


This sign is 3 metres x 1 metre. The new CrossFit Arena will have a Cafe within it called Jaffa’s Cafe.

Yesterday we completed these signs for CrossFit Arena whom are opening a new CrossFit facility in Slacks Creek on the 14th February.  We made three signs with one being 7 metres x 1 metre and the other two being 3 metres x 1 metre.  All signs are digitally printed using our Roland XR-640 wide format printer and printed onto Arlon vinyl, the vinyl was then laminated to give the print extra protection and give the look a glossier appearance.  We then mounted the laminated printed vinyl onto aluminium composite panel (ACM) and guillotined the excess from the sheets.  These sheets are lightweight and rigid make handling and installing them much easier and safer than using metal sheets.  The 7 metre sign was printed as one large sticker and mounted onto 3 sheets of ACM, over the 7 metres there was a variance of 8 millimetres, which is virtually nothing over this distance – I was pretty impressed with myself – I’m getting better at mounting things.


3 metre x 1 metre sign for CrosFit Arena, Slacks Creek Brisbane

We only use good quality materials that have been proven not to fail, this ensures that your signs and stickers will do the job that they are intended to do and will look great and last many years.  If your branding is important enough to produce income for your business then make sure that your signs and stickers are produced with good quality materials, we have invested in the good equipment to produce these types of signs and stickers.

We can produce your signs and ship them to you for installation, these types of signs are light weight and easy to install.

For custom signs, please contact us on 07 3122 4417 or
We send our products to anywhere in Australia

Visit or check it out at Unit 1 / 50 Randall St. Slacks Creek. QLD 4127

Signage for MTEC Roofing – Brisbane

Aluminium Signage for MTEC Roofing - Brisbane We produced 8 of these signs for MTEC Roofing. The signs will be displayed around Brisbane to promote their business and generate leads for new work.  These are long lasting signs that will look great outdoors for years to come.  We printed the design onto adhesive vinyl, it was then laminated for extra gloss and protection of the print.  The printed adhesive vinyl was then mounted to 3mm aluminum composite panel and guillotined to the required size.

We only use quality materials and equipment to produce signs and stickers, we believe that products shouldn’t fail and by offering the best quality print and materials, it reflects not only on the quality of our business but also how our clients businesses are perceived by their clients.

Contact us on 07 3122 4417 or for your sticker and signage solutions.