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Inkscape Program

We are working on bringing a online decal designer to this website, however it is not expected to come online until the end of 2007. If you need a custom decal, click here

In the mean time, there is a great program called Inkscape which you can download free of charge. Inkscape is an open source application that will run on Microsoft Windows and is completely free. The program uses SVG which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.

By using this program you will be able to create text and designs that you can send to us in the correct size you want and best of all, it will be in the correct file format that we need in order to produce your decals.

If you take the time to learn how to use Inkscape, you will not only be able to send graphics to us for quoting, but also create artwork for many other situations.

There are some guidelines that you will need to follow in order for us to make decals from your artwork, because the decals we make are not printed. Keep in mind that Inkscape does a whole lot more that we can produce as vinyl cut decals.

  • Use only solid colours (Because we don't print, we cannot reproduce gradients, shadows etc.)
  • Keep the design as simple as possible as the design will allow and don't let paths overlap if possible.
  • If you use more than one colour, make sure the different colour objects are separated. To make multi-colour decals, we have to use different colour vinyl's and then manually make put the decal together or send it in kit form.

Here is an example of what can be done in Inkscape that suits vinyl cut decals (Will post more examples when time permits, still learning the program ourselves!):

Inkscape Screenshot

The image shown in Inkscape was downloaded free from

(You will need a SVG enabled brower to view the SVG files on, try FireFox)

Visit Inkscape and Download the software

Saving the artwork:
After making sure that you have made the design how you want it and it is the correct size, save the design as SVG or EPS. You can then use the upload facility below to send us the artwork.

There is a lot of Free SVG clip art on the internet, one of the best resources in

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